It’s time to go digital with your loyalty cards

App overview

Loyaltycloud works with you earning rewards.

Easy to use

Using Loyaltycloud couldn't be easier, designed and built with simplicity in mind

Tons of brands

With Loyaltycloud you are able to add any of your favourite brands to your account

Exclusive vouchers

vouchercloud offers are easy accessed from Loyaltycloud, you could be saving with just one tap

Awesome giftcards

You will also have access to tons of great gift ideas with one tap you'll be browsing Giftcloud

No more plastic

No more cluttering your your bag with loads of plastic cards, just keep everything together on your phone

Safe & secure

Loyaltycloud features many safe and secure ways to store personal information, your data never leaves your phone

How does it Work

Super simple, lets get started

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Everything it can do

Loyaltycloud boats a brand range of services and can be used easily and effectively everyday.

  • Safely secure loyalty cards
  • No more plastic
  • Use any card you have
  • Awesome giftcards
  • Easy management
  • Exclusive offers